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The Australian Linguistic Society Annual Conference, Monash University, Melbourne.
Presentation: The semantics of emotive interjections in Dalabon and Barunga Kriol (Top End, Northern Territory)

Invited to the symposium ‘Ce que les langues d’Océanie ont à nous apprendre’, Université de Nouvelle-Calédonie, workshop for language workers and teachers in the Pacific
Presentation (with Nick Evans): Workshop for language workers and teachers in the Pacific: Sémantique, traduction

15th Australian Languages Workshop, Kioloa, Australian National University
Presentation: Emotion middle predicates in Barunga Kriol

Linguistics Department Seminar, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Presentation: The body in descriptions of emotions in Dalabon and Kriol (northern Australia)

Research Unit on Indigenous Languages, The University of Melbourne
The University of New Castle Linguistics Seminar
Presentations: The ‘compassionate’ contour in languages of central western Arnhem Land (and how speakers use it’

Systemic Functional Linguistics Seminar Series
Presentation: The semiotic status of an emotional prosodic contour

Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory 4, London, School of Oriental and African Studies
Presentation in absentia with Eva Schultze-Berndt and and Denise Angelo:
Maybe it is less straightforward than you might think: modality in Northern Australian Kriol


Conference of the International Society for Research on Emotions, University of Geneva
Presentation: The role of grammar and culture in shaping emotion metaphors. A case study on two Australian languages

6th Conference of the Association Française de Linguistique Cognitive, Grenoble
Presentation: Emotions and body-parts in Dalabon and Barunga Kriol (Australia)

MorphÉm : morphologie et émotions, Dynamique du Langage, CNRS, Lyon
Presentation: Expressive values of reduplication in Barunga Kriol



Swiss Centre for Affective Sciences, Geneva
Invited by Cristina Soriano and Klaus Scherer
Presentation: Emotion metaphors in Dalabon (Northern Australia)



Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory 4,
(School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London)
Presentation: Documenting the language of emotions in Dalabon. Caveats, solutions and benefits

Colloque e-Toile Pacifique, EHESS, Paris
Coordinating the session : Linguistique et interdisciplinarité : ce qu’apporte l’étude des langues (with Leslie Vandeputte and Mélissa Nayral)
Presentation: Métaphores émotionnelles et stratégies de gestion des émotions
(Emotional metaphors and strategies for regulating emotions)

12th Australian Languages Workshop (University of Queensland, Australia)
Convenors: Felicity Meakins and Myf Turpin
Presentation with Nicholas Evans: Emotional valuation in Dalabon diminutives

International symposium
‘Australian Aboriginal Anthropology Today: Critical Perspectives from Europe’
(Musée du Quai-Branly, Paris)
Presentation: Body-parts in linguistic representations of emotions in Dalabon

Research group ‘Fédération typologique : les émotions’
(CNRS, Villejuif-Haudricourt, Paris)
Convenors: Pascal Boyeldieu and Nicole Tersis
Convening the session: Les formes expressives : diminutifs et interjections/Expressive forms: diminutives and interjections
Presentation: Les diminutifs en dalabon/Diminutives in Dalabon



43rd Australian Linguistic Society Conference (University of Western Australia, Perth)
Presentation in absentia with Patrick Caudal and Marie-Elaine Van Egmond: The semantics of verbal predicates across Australian languages: Some structural observations

Australian National University Seminar (Canberra)
Presentation: Features of emotionally loaded speech in Dalabon

7th European Australianist Workshop (School of Oriental and African Studies, London)
Presentation: Emotions and abstract attributes of the person in Dalabon



42nd Australian Linguistic Society Conference (Australian National University, Canberra)
Presentation: Body-parts in Barunga Kriol and Dalabon: Matches and mismatches

Workshop on Land Ownership
(Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch, Sion, Switzerland/CREDO, CNRS, Marseille)
Presentation: Expression de la propriété foncière parmi le groupe dalabon/Expressing land ownership in Dalabon

Research group ‘Fédération typologique : les émotions’ (CNRS, Villejuif, Paris, France)
Convenors: Pascal Boyeldieu and Nicole Tersis
Presentation: Les composés émotionnels en dalabon, langue polysynthétique d’Australie du Nord/Emotional compounds in Dalabon, a polysynthetic language of Northern Australia



Workshop on documentation and archiving (CREDO, CNRS, Marseille)
Convenor: Maïa Ponsonnet
Presentation: Documentation de la langue dalabon: contexte et perspectives/Documentation of the Dalabon language: context and perspectives

Anthropology Department of the University of Sydney Seminar
Convenor: Yasmine Musharbash
Presentation: The belly and the brain in the conceptions of feelings: Questioning variations in a multilingual context



Centre de recherche et de documentation sur l’Océanie (CREDO) seminar (CNRS, Marseille)
Presentation: Les figures du doute en langue dalabon et la primauté épistémique du social/Figures of doubt in Dalabon, and the epistemic primacy of the social realm

Multidisciplinary workshop (University of Bergen)
Convenor: Arild Utaker
Presentation: Language, truth and rules in the Dalabon and Kriol languages of Northern Australia

Comité International Permanent des Linguistes Conference
(School of Oriental and African Studies, London)
Convenor: David Bradley
Presentation: Brainwash from English?

Guest conference in Jacques Bouveresse’s Seminar (Collège de France, Paris)
Wittgenstein, l’anthropologie, et vice versa/Wittgenstein, anthropology, and vice versa



7th International Conference
of European Society for Oceanists (ESfO) (Verona University, Italy)
Session: Concepts and unfolding of the person in the Pacific
(Laurent Dousset and Françoise Douaire-Marsaudon)
Presentation: Semantics of mind in South-Western Arnhem Land: From Dalabon to Kriol – contemporary shifts?

International Wittgensteinian Encounters
‘Wittgenstein and the Mind’, Skjolden, Norway
Presentation: Grammatical confusions and linguistic relativity: an anthropological perspective

Seminar ‘Anthropologie de la perception’ (‘Anthropology of Perception’)
(Barbara Glowszewski, Musée du Quai-Branly, Paris)
Presentation: Sexualité et visibilité/Sexuality and visibility



International Wittgensteinian Encounters ‘Wittgenstein in Confrontation’
(Paris-8/Maison des sciences des sciences de l’Homme)
Presentation: Wittgenstein, philosophy, and common sense

Australian Anthropological Society Annual Conference 2006
(James Cook University, Cairns, Australia)
Session: Ethnography as art and science (Alan Rumsey)
Presentation: Ethnography as a hard fact: Philosophy and the anthropological data

2nd Language, Culture and Mind International Conference (Paris)
Presentation: Can you not remember – structure of language and processes of mind:
the case of Dalabon